Almond Orchard Engagement


Even though almond orchards bloom around the same time every year it sprung up on us without warning. This left us in a scramble to find a couple who would allow us to finally indulge in some almond joy - pun intended ;)

Lucky for us we found Mariah and Colter! These two have been together since they were sophomores in high school and have decided to tie the knot. Mariah has an affinity for these nut trees because her grandparents own an almond orchard, so it was basically fate. 


Finding an orchard proved even easier than finding models. Cruising along some northern California backroads in our trusted Ford, enjoying the sight of the Sutter Buttes in the distance, we just happened to run into a farmer who was more than happy to let us explore their homegrown slice of heaven. 

With Justin doing a traditional rain dance in the afternoon - just as an added buffer against any chance of downpour - we headed off to our shoot! Sure enough, the rain gods were pleased with Justin's moves, which resembled a poor rendition of disco moves, and there wasn't a dark cloud in site. 

The photoshoot turned out better than we could have hoped for. Mariah looked gorgeous in her white knee-high dress and suede boots, and Colter rocked the cozy flannel and cowboy boots.

We always love working with couples who don't take themselves too seriously and aren't afraid to try out new or different poses - or just really be themselves in front of the camera. Mariah and Colter were just that!