Lake Tahoe Maternity Photo Shoot | Ari & Bryan

Getting a chance to capture a maternity session isn't something we are likely to ever turn down, especially when it's near beautiful Lake Tahoe. The snow-covered peaks and ridgelines never really see the absence of white powder, but there are definitely spots in late summer and early fall where you have an opportunity to capture the majesty of the location without busting out the snowshoes.  

We met our couple, Ari and Bryan, at the Loch Leven Lakes Trailhead ready for an awesome photo shoot with a soon to be mommy and daddy and the sweet feeling of crushing another session.

The awesome part of maternity photo shoots is the opportunity to incorporate props - obviously the mommy's belly is the most important piece - but don't be afraid to get creative with items that will help say, "WE'RE EXPECTING!"

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But don't just use any props. Before advising your clients or acquiring items that can be reused time and time again, ask yourself a few questions:

- What type of setting is my location in? (Forest, Beach, Mountains, Desert, Fields)

- What is the season? (Summer vs. Winter)

- How can it compliment my clients? (Colors, Theme)

For example, it might not make sense to bring little winter booties to a summer beach session. These are just a few things to think about when planning your shoot that will help take it to another level.

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During our shoot, Ari and Bryan brought baby Sterling's little, tan moccasins that fit perfectly into our Tahoe forest environment, as well as being seasonally appropriate for the fall weather. You can also see that the color of the shoes perfectly complemented what our clients chose to wear.

Another item that could have been used is a stuffed animal, which is almost always cute, but we want to add that little flare that will make it fit for the session. For our example, simply dressing our fluffy friend with flannel shirt would flow with the shoot's theme and add to the overall feeling of the photos.

As photographers we all have to constantly be thinking about what we can do to make our work stand out amongst the crowd. It's the small details that will end up helping you do that!

Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you've used as props with your maternity sessions. What worked and what didn't?

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